YOUR NAME: Michael Zwicker
YOUR SCHOOL:Eastport-SouthManor
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A. Place your informal response to the Web 2.0 Safety Article here (approximately 250 words):

As a computer T.A., I found out very quickly how important social networking is to kids in the upper elementary grade levels. I think it is very important that students know the risks of using websites such as Myspace and Facebook. In reading this article, I found some excellent methods to keeping children on appropriate websites and the precautions that should be taken before letting students explore the internet.

One way my district has taken a stance on internet safety is by having a website creating tool called Bascom. In using this tool I can create lessons in which students can only visit certain sites. This website creator goes right along with the first key component explained in the article. Also, if students know the consequences for visiting a site that is not allowed, they will be less likely to go there. The article talks about a reasonable consequence for such actions as developing a higher level of monitoring on that specific student. I agree with the author that taking away the internet is not the best way to solve this problem. The reason why I believe this will not be a benefit to the student is because they will be losing out on the valuable learning experiences that the rest of the class is receiving.

In my school we do not have any type of web 2.0 safety curriculum for the reason that most administrators don’t even know what a Web 2.0 tool is. I am hoping in the near future I will have the opportunity to enlighten my district on the many uses of web 2.0 tools and create a curriculum that covers these important resources.

B. Post the URL or embed your presentation on the new web2.0 tool you have discovered for possible use with a fieldtrip here (remember, you must use a web2.0 tool to do this):

C. Place your community resource information here making sure you include the following information:

D. Discuss here why you would visit this resource site/museum with your students. Defend or justify both the financial and time expense of such a trip. Include the visits connection to State standards for both curriculum area and technology (you may use ISTE standards for technology). Be specific in defining exact standards that will be addressed.
Gabcast! summer 2008 #1

I chose this location for the fact that I do teach in an elementary school and figured there would be a number of wonderful resources that the students will be able to manipulate when they go there. I have heard prior to this class that many of the exhibits incorporate technology which is perfect for the TEAM program. They also have plays in their theater that are educational and fun to watch. The cost of the trip is very cheap at 8 dollars a student. Its location is a little out of the way from my district, but there are a number of other museums that we can visit while we are on museum row.

NYS Standards addressed:
Math, Science, Technology: 1, 3
English Language Arts: 1, 2, 4
The Arts: 1, 2, 3, 4
Career Development: 1, 2
Languages other than English: 2

E. Low Level Learner Documents will be placed here - Green Team
pre assessment.pdf

-- The goal of this assignment was to have the students voice their opinion on their favorite exhibit in a presentation
-- Use Gabcast to gather their ideas in order to select their favorite exhibit
-- Develop an understanding that communication can be spread in other ways than sound

Web 2.0 tools used:
-- Gabcast
-- Ipopetz

Group Worksheet

Scoring Rubric (PDF file)

-- In order to see the puppet, you must download the add-on first!
-- I tried embedding, but it did not work

F. Intermediate Level Learner Documents will be placed here - Red Team
pre assessment.pdf

-- Gain an understanding that their are technologies being created to help improve the live of people with disabilities
-- Use Gabcast to explain the different exhibits in the disabilities section
-- Have students use cartoons to express the knowledge they gained through this experience

Web 2.0 tools used:

Group Worksheet

Scoring Rubric (PDF file)

Exemplar (created by YOU)

G. Advanced Level Learner Documents will be placed here - Blue Team
pre assessment.pdf

-- Have students understand that their are a number of different sands around the United States
-- Sands can have a number of physical characteristics
-- Have students use technology to place captions on their pictures

Web 2.0 tools used

Group Worksheet

Scoring Rubric (PDF file)


H Reflection
List here all the web 2.0 tools you have used in your three sets of assessment/assignments.
WHY did you select these tools for the specific assignments?
What are some of the challenges you might expect in terms of having your students use each of these tools?

Web 2.0 tools used: – I chose this tool because Gabcast allows the students to perform audio tasks in the middle of the field trip. The major problem that I see happening while using Gabcast is that students will not hit the pound key at the end of the message. I did not do this once and I lost the whole audio file. – I chose this tool because it is a relatively easy way for students to embed their Kyoto projects onto the Wiki. With my specific directions I don’t feel that students will have any problems embedding their slideshow. – I chose this tool because it is a fun way for lower level students to present the information they gathered on the field trip. Although it does not embed, it is still a very valuable resource to delete any nerves when completing a presentation. – I chose Kyoto because it is a very simple tool to manipulate. I foresee no problems for students when creating captions on the pictures. I do think that there could be some issues copying and pasting the new captioned pictures onto their PowerPoint. – This is a wonderful tool to create comic strips. It will take a long time for students to create the comic because the program is not easiest to manipulate. The hardest aspect of the program to manipulate is the captions. I believe that this project will take a long time to complete which is why I am making the higher level students complete it.