YOUR NAME: Noel Forte
YOUR SCHOOL: Searingtown School, Herricks UFSD
YOUR SUBJECT OR GRADE: Technology Integration Facilitator
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A. Place your informal response to the Web 2.0 Safety Article here (approximately 250 words):

Internet safety is no longer a topic that can be addressed “if there is time.” Computer use is not an “extra” in many schools. It is a valuable educational tool. With new developments in Web 2.0 tools, some teachers are incorporating computer use regularly in their classrooms. At home, many students have constant access to a computer and often times, are unsupervised while using it. We can apply filters at school, but in the process, filter out valid educational content and tools. We can give parents information about the importance of supervised use of the internet, but we can’t guarantee that they will follow through or even know what to look for. The ultimate solution is to educate our students and to help them learn the values of good decision making.

I used blogs for the first time with a third grade class. The purpose was to help this class and a class of similarly-aged children in Australia to learn about each country by understanding the similarities and differences between their home, school and social lives. The teacher and I taught the students what a blog was, how to manipulate our blog, and most importantly, what type of information belongs and doesn’t belong. They understood that last names, addresses and phone numbers were personally identifying information that didn’t belong. However, one student didn’t realize that by saying that he played for the “Blue Hornets Soccer team as the goalie,” was identifying information. Another student was asked about her interest in dance. She wrote back the name of her dance studio and that she went every Saturday at 9am. After addressing these issues with the class, we realized that there was still some confusion. We are constantly telling the children to write with details. But in this medium, sometimes details are inappropriate. This was an on-going discussion we needed to have with the children, not just a onetime lesson.

B. Post the URL or embed your presentation on the new web2.0 tool you have discovered for possible use with a fieldtrip here (remember, you must use a web2.0 tool to do this):

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C. Place your community resource information here making sure you include the following information:
My reasons for visiting this museum:
Gabcast! Summer Session II 2008 #1

Long Island Children’s Museum

This museum offers children hands-on learning experiences through play and discovery.


11 Davis Avenue, Garden City, NY 11530

(516) 224-5800

July-August: Everyday, 10am-5pm

General Admission: $9, over 65: $8, Members: FREE, Children under 1: Free

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D. Discuss here why you would visit this resource site/museum with your students. Defend or justify both the financial and time expense of such a trip. Include the visit's connection to State standards for both curriculum area and technology (you may use ISTE standards for technology). Be specific in defining exact standards that will be addressed.

This trip is within 15 minutes from our school. The hands-on learning experience are truly invaluable and make the fee, which is nominal in itself, worth while.

NYS ELA Standards:
Standard 1: Students will read, write, listen, and speak for information and understanding.
Standard 3: Students will read, write, listen, and speak for critical analysis and evaluation.
Standard 4: Students will read, write, listen, and speak for social interaction.

National Educational Standards for Students 2007
1 Creativity and Innovation
2 Communication and Collaboration
4 Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making
6 Technology Operations and Concepts

E. Low Level Learner Documents will be placed here
Pre-visit assignment-
Trip activity sheet-
Assessment/assignment instruction sheet-
Scoring Rubric (PDF file)

F. Intermediate Level Learner Documents will be placed here
Pre-visit assignment-
Trip activity sheet-
assessment/assignment instructions sheet-
Scoring Rubric (PDF file)

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G. Advanced Level Learner Documents will be placed here
Pre-visit assignment-
Trip Activity Sheet-
Assessment/assignment instruction sheet-
Scoring Rubric (PDF file)
Group C's Movie

H Reflection

The Web 2.0 tools I used for the three assessments were Voice Thread, AuthorSTREAM and Podomatic.

Voice Thread was chosen for my lower level learners because it required the least amount of writing. All they needed to do was speak into the headset to share their fact or reaction to the three exhibits they were assigned. My middle level group was assigned a PowerPoint presentation, something more involved and elaborate. Though PowerPoint is not a Web 2.0 tool, they used AuthorSTREAM to share their presentation with the class and teacher. My upper level group was given the most complex task. Not only did it require them to use Windows Movie Maker, but they needed to use Audacity to record their audio explanations. The Web 2.0 tool, Podomatic, was used to turn their movie into a vodcast.

Some challenges I would expect are the following of directions by the students. There is also a lot of collaborative decision making that needs to take place. Conflicts of ideas may arise and lead to some interesting discussions. Making sure everyone has a job and does their job will also be something to monitor.