NAME: Nicole Crecca
SCHOOL: Patchogue-Medford
SUBJECT & GRADE: 7th & 8th Grade Social Studies

A. Article Response:
I feel that the article “Supporting Safe and Responsible Internet Use a Web 2.0 Approach to Internet Safety” addressed some critical issues in today’s classroom. Nancy has a real handle on what is really going on in the computer labs. My school has a filter that more often then not stops my students from gaining access to perfectly good sites. As a social studies teacher there are many time periods covered throughout the year some of which include material that is blocked by the filter. If I assign students a research paper many times the filter will block out the information. I completely agree that there should be more people checking out what sites the students visit. When ever I take the students to the computer lab I try to walk around the room as much as possible to make sure that all students are working on task but this is not always possible. There have been a few occasions when I have caught students checking their myspace accounts when they should be conducting research, which means the students can bypass the filter. When students break the rules and by pass a filter the filter should be updated and the students should be punished as Nancy states in the article but many times this does not occur. Nancy brought up a very good point about teachers and librarians being educated in how to by pass the filter. I believe that this would be an excellent idea this way students who did not have access to the material at home could get it in school. Time needs to be taking out to educate teachers about what is out there to add them in the classroom and what to be weary of.

B.Presentation on the new web2.0 tool you have discovered for possible use with a field trip here
Click here to learn about CircaVie

This is a link to a timeline made in CircaVie

C. Place
Name of the resource site/museum: Walt Whitman Birthplace
A description of the resource site/museum: In 1949 the Walt Whitman Birthplace Association (WWBA) was established to preserve his birthplace. Poets, authors, professors, businesspeople, and concerned citizens were among its founding members. Whitmans Birthplace is a New York Historic Site open to the public. The house was bult in 1819 by Whitmans father inside the house you can find artifacts from the time period and allows students to gain appreciation of American and Long Island history.
A photo of the resource site/museum:
Address: 246 Old Walt Whitman Road, West Hills, NY 11746-4148
Telephone number: 631-427-5240

Hours of operation: June 15 thru Labor Day:
Open Monday - Friday, 11-4
Saturday - Sunday, 11-5.
(Closed major holidays)

Winter Hours:
Open Wednesday - Friday, 1-4
Saturday - Sunday, 11-4.
(Closed major holidays)

Fee: $5 Adults, $4 Seniors/Students

Free for WWBA members and children 5 and under
Website of the resource:
Map of Walt Whitman's Birthplace

D. Read to Find Out Why You Should Visit Walt Whitman's Birthplace:
Walt Whitman’s Birthplace is the only New York State Historic Site open to the public on Long Island and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. I would recommend this site as a field trip for students in grades 3-8. I would love to take my 7th graders on a field trip to Whitman’s birthplace. The field trip program they run follows both the N.Y.S. Social Studies and Language Arts curriculum and is suitable for students with special needs. In 7th grade students not only cover the American colonial period in Social Studies but a section on poetry in English as well. I would work with the English teacher on an interdisciplinary activity tying Whitman’s poetry with the historical artifacts found on the grounds giving students to an excellent historical and literary experience. The house tour, interpretive exhibits and innovative poetry writing workshops offer students an opportunity to develop critical thinking, exposure to the life and times of an historical period. Not only is Whitman’s birthplace a great educational experience but a financial wise field trip as well. It is FREE for teachers and chaperones to visit and for students in grade 3-8 a 2.5 hour tour is only $6.50 (Sept., Dec., Jan., Feb., June.) and $7.50 (Oct., Nov., Mar., Apr., May.) 1.25 hour tour are available for students in grades K-2 at a low cost of $5.50 per student.

New York State Learning Standards for Social Studies:
Standard 1: History of the United States and New York
Standard 2: World History
Standard 3: Geography


E. Low Level Learner Documents will be placed here
Pre-visit Assignment

Assignment Instruction Sheet

Scoring Rubric


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G. Advanced Level Learner Documents will be placed here
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H Reflection
Web 2.0 Tools Used this Week:

I selected these tools for the specific assignments beacasue I feel that they allowed students an interacive way to develop a clear understanding of who Walt Whitman was and the time period he lived in.

I am glad that I took this class and gained a better understanding on how to use these Web 2.0 tools. Although I faced some challenges when it came to embedding into the wikispace I learned how to correct the issue and feel confident that I could teach my students to use these tools and help them if they were to encounter the same difficulties I did.